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Moving Forward With, Through and Past CANCER, Author Margaret Lang

September 30, 2021

Moving Forward With, Through and Past CANCER tells a life story of 

Margaret Lang, discuss about having Clarity, Vision and Focus in her NEW book and about hope, the tool needed to heal from cancer. Margaret Lang has lived through the diagnosis, the treatment and the deliverance from that dreadful disease. She has been encouraged to write about that journey in vivid detail to show where she got the strength for her wonderful healing. 

The purpose of the book is to show Healing Is Possible and the means to attain it. Written in very personal terms, the journey she describes is meant to restore confidence to the cancer patient, family and friends, and even caregivers. Hope inspires strength. The healing of cancer demands both. Moving Forward is what it says: the inspiration for a miracle.

Margaret Lang is a mom, a friend, a former English teacher of thirty years, a real estate agent, and now an author. For many years she has taught and mentored students and friends always sharing her belief in possibility.

She has just experienced cancer and transformed her life by
successfully meeting that challenge. Hopefully, chronicling her journey
will bring faith and hope to many others.

Asked what her purpose is in life, she refers to Psalm 26:7: "That I may make the voice of my thanksgiving heard and may tell of all Your wondrous works."

Listen to this NEW powerful episode on "Moving Forward With, Through and Past CANCER with Senior Radio Host Lonnie Ratliff with Senior Co-Host Shavonzail Camp  as they interview Margaret Lang on how she is Moving Forward With, Through and Past CANCER, author of her New book, that offer Hope, Faith and Victory over cancer.

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