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Episode 9 Interview Guest, Dr. Dira Harris,”The Role of I in Commitment”

October 28, 2020

Far too often, those who counsel others in the areas of marriage, family, or commitment present a perceived apotheosis of what roles women should take on in the world and in relationships.

Yet, too frequently, these same individuals have little knowledge of the deleterious mental, physical, social, and emotional matters that affect those very same women. 

In this Episode 9, Executive Producer, Senior Radio Host Lonnie Ratliff and Producer, Senior Co-Host Shavonzail Camp, Interview Dr. Dira Harris, Author of the Book "The Role of I in Commitment".

The Author mentions that "The Role of I in Commitment"  is a compilation of personal experiences of the author and various women, including family members, friends, colleagues, and complete strangers, who have learned to commit by first learning to love themselves.

That it will greatly benefit any woman who is in her transitional years prior to commitment as well as those who are in marriages or have experienced failed relationships. That it is less about providing a blueprint for building successful committed relationships and more about providing reflective processes for building women that are rightfully equipped to deal with the circumstances that surround commitment. 

In it, the author, minister, Dr. Dira Harris, hopes to provide guidance and support for women, whether they are simply content with being independent and building a better version of themselves, or if they are in the “preparation phase” prior to commitment. 

The author encourages women who aspire to live their best single lives, those who want to be in happy committed relationships, and others who may already be in marriages.

It also inspires men to better support those women who have taken on the tasks of being their helpmeets.

Listen to find out more as Lonnie Ratliff and Shavonzail Camp Interview Dr. Dira Harris on "The Role of I in Commitment", on Connect Radio Group Podcast, "The Information News That You Can Live By".

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